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edacity [ih-das-i-tee]

(noun) Voraciousness and appetite – in this case, an insatiable craving for innovation and creativity!


The 5 W’s of edacity

edacity, a program of MindFuel, is an educational hub for all things related to science, innovation, and entrepreneurialism. Through course resources, mentorship connections, and entrepreneurial-inspired events, students connect the dots between their ideas, science and application.

If everyone can learn and anyone can create, then we can all innovate; edacity provides the tools, resources and experiences in the classroom and beyond to break down the wall of scientific stereotypes, see science in the everyday, and change our world.


It’s for both the students that dream the impossible and for the kids that don’t think they can succeed.

It’s for the teachers that know they’re trailblazers and for the ones that don’t believe they’re an entrepreneur at all.

It’s for people who wake up with innovative ideas in the morning…and for the ones that know they’ll need some coffee first.

It’s for the creatives, the problem-solvers, the risk-takers, the thinkers, the networkers, and the team players.

It’s for everyone who was told at some point “you can’t do this”…because just maybe, you can.

edacity, a program of MindFuel, is a hub for all things related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and entrepreneurship. We focus on breaking down the barriers that prevent high school students from embracing these fields and make it our mission to foster in everyone a belief that we can all innovate. To us, entrepreneurship is far more than just opening up a shop or selling a product. It’s a whole way of thinking – it’s seeing the problems in the world and coming up with unique solutions, it’s thinking critically about science and society, and it’s challenging the status quo. But what do we do? We create curriculum-aligned course resources to help high school teachers bring entrepreneurship into the classroom. We connect students with experienced mentors who can share their passion and drive with youth. And through immersive experiences like the Sanofi Biogenius Challenge, we unite cutting-edge STEM research with real-world connections.

Where you experience Edacity is up to you.

It’s in the classrooms where our resources are being taught. It’s online, it’s face-to-face, it’s in Alberta (where we’re based) and it’s spreading to the rest of the world.


Edacity – like all kinds of hunger – can happen at any time.

Sure, you’ll find us during school hours, in the class periods where our resources are being taught – but it’s also after hours at events like Startup Weekend. Innovation can strike round the clock!


We’re educators that want to make a difference. We want to help teachers do the best possible job they can. We want each and every student to see their potential and apply it towards a meaningful future. We know that within everyone is an impulse to make a lasting impact in the world – and we want to see what those amazing impacts will be.

edacity Experiences


Build the future today by participating in cutting-edge STEM projects with high school and post-secondary teams.

Mentor Connections

Innovation and entrepreneur experts in your classroom. Create experiences by interfacing experts with your students.

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