What is edacity?

The intersection between science, creativity and entrepreneurialism.

Our Story

Today, edacity is a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, and each day we look for new ways to make ideas come alive both in classrooms and beyond. We’ve come a long way since we first started programming in 2012 – let us tell you our story.


When edacity was launched in September 2012, we wanted to reach students in rural Alberta with a powerful dose of both knowledge and curiosity. Our goal was to show the science in the everyday, and to highlight futures in STEM. By partnering with post-secondary institutions across the province, we helped students to see a multitude of educational paths that would lead to exciting, skill-driven careers in Alberta. We put on fun events, like the Xtreme Challenge, to create hands-on exploration of these careers, and we created an online network to break down geographical barriers.


In 2014, we widened our scope to encompass all high school students – not just those in rural Alberta. And we realized that it was nearly impossible to address the creativity, ingenuity, and advances being made in STEM fields without including entrepreneurial spirit.


Education today is increasingly looking to promote real-world problem solving, cross-curricular connections, and critical thinking. We still focus on teenagers about to embark on exciting post-secondary and career paths, and we still tie knowledge and curiosity into all that we do. As we move forward, we innovate and we evolve.

Our Sponsors and Supporters

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