Entrepreneurial Spirit Defined By Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Spirit Defined By Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial spirit is a word getting thrown around a lot these days. The government of Alberta whether it be for job creation or for educational purposes has highlighted the importance of creating skilled workers that possess this tendency towards the entrepreneurial.  But, what is entrepreneurial spirit? How does this change someone’s actions and how does it get instilled into someone at an early age? The spirit of an entrepreneur is often characterized by being passionate, creative, risk tolerant, resilient and excited to fail and learn from their experiences.  We asked a series of young entrepreneurs that are starting out their journey if entrepreneurial spirit was important in the world today and here are some of the responses we received…


“Yes, it is. We have come to a time were the world is getting smaller, as the world population is continually increasing. The standard of living is increasing for most people as technology, health care etc. is getting better but at the same time we are also neglecting other things such as the environment. An idea that originated somewhere may be of important use to many people so it is good that we share our ideas and work together as a collective, improving the world for everyone and for future generations.”

-Liya, Undergraduate Student UofC, finalist in the RBC Fast Pitch Competition 2015

 ” I guess I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I do think that it’s part of me. I learned it from my dad – constantly building things and tinkering with things, always making stuff better. An entrepreneurial spirit means constantly questioning the world around you, constantly noticing what’s happening around you, keeping up with the latest technologies on things so that if something’s just emerging, you can think of a way to apply it somewhere different.”

-Tom, High School Student, winner of StartUp Weekend EDU Edition Calgary 2014

“Yes, I definitely think that the entrepreneurial spirit is important in today’s world. If you want to make a difference in the world, being an entrepreneur is definitely a great way to do it. Being able to look at the world’s problems and think, “I’ve got a solution for that!” is way better than simply donating to a charity or hoping somebody else comes up with something better. The entrepreneurial spirit is the key to innovation and the world always needs new, innovative ideas to make it a better place to live in for everybody.”

-Carley, Undergraduate Student UofC, finalist in the RBC Fast Pitch Competition 2015

“Absolutely, by fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture it will aid in stimulating and growing the economy. The thought of [not teaching it] scares me. With entrepreneurship not being taught in schools it would hinder the development of the economy and overall businesses. As all businesses that have created jobs for thousands were fueled by entrepreneurship (Facebook).”

Jesse, Undergraduate Student at Mount Royal University, finalist in the JMH LaunchPad Competition 2015