Revolutionizing Digital Communications

Revolutionizing Digital Communications

Imagine being able to take your smart-phone and combine all of your many forms of communication into one place. Conx2Share has created this solution by developing an innovative communication feature that mimics non-digital relationships better than those ever before!

We had a chance to ask the CEO a few questions about the process, rewards and what it’s like to be an innovator in the online space! Check it out!

Company Name: Conx2share Inc.

Product: Conx2share – one-stop mobile application for all digital communication.

  1. What problem is your project trying to solve?

Smartphone users want the benefit of communicating in a variety of ways as simply as possible but find the features they want segregated across a host of different mobile applications and social media platforms. Some work well for text, others for pictures and some for short videos. Some are better for personal use and others for business networking. All have benefits promoting their use and limitations which cause numerous accounts to be necessary to reap the benefits.

  1. How does your solution solve this problem in a new innovative way? Does it rely on other previously developed technologies?

Conx2share is a one-stop mobile application for all your digital communication.  Conx2share has developed a powerful set of innovative digital communications features that mimic non-digital relationships better than any other application on the market today. These features give the user the ability to create and share custom content through text, picture, video and blogging. Users can send a picture or video with or without text on top wherever they want to place it. The recipient simply reads the text and taps the picture or video to clear the text and have an uninhibited view of the message. Conx2share allows you to share with customized groups using all the communications features of the app. Have a group chat or send text, picture or video to any custom group you create. Interact with family, friends, colleagues, business networks, customers…you choose. Conx2share has also incorporated a self-destruct option for any communication feature you use. The user decides which text, chat, picture, video or blog the recipients get to keep and which will self-destruct at the time of their choosing. After the content has been viewed by the recipient the timer begins.

In addition, Conx2share built a complete social media community that is fully integrated with our communications features in one simple platform. Users can create their own custom profile and post for all of their friends to see. Friends can comment, like and share user posts. However, with Conx2share’s integrated platform, the same custom groups created in the communications features for interacting with family, business networks or close friends, can be used to post in the social media community.

As a truly one-stop mobile application Conx2share will also act as a communications hub delivering user content to existing social media accounts seamlessly. Select a post; click the share icon and all of your mobile social media application icons appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the social media you want then review edit and post.  Your content is delivered.

All of these features and those still under development are integrated into a single platform that is extremely user friendly and seamless.

There will be a business version of the app, e-shopping and live streaming in development in the early part of next year.

  1. What was the spark that started the idea for this project? What steps did you have to take (or are taking) to make it a reality?

It began with the idea of sharing an experience instantly. Someone could look into their phone and share an experience…type text introducing it and instantly communicate to everyone.

We developed a team to brainstorm/strategize and generate ideas, researched every other existing application for communication/social media and did market research and analysis. We formed the company and interviewed and worked with development teams until we found the right one for our needs/time frame. We found Metova – who built Siri, Dropbox, Yelp, Barnes & Noble, e-Harmony, WebMD and have been working on development/marketing….and lots of other things necessary for business and funding.

  1. What has been the most rewarding part of the process?

Seeing your ideas become functioning features is amazing.

  1. What has been the most difficult part of the process?

Getting the right team of developers in place.

  1. What advice would you give to youth who are interested in entrepreneurship?

When you have an idea that comes to your heart, do your homework, research it …pursue the idea and go for it. Don’t limit yourself and think you can’t do it. The question isn’t can you it’s will you. Do the work!


For any questions about the project or to get involved contact:

HG Strickland CEO
P:+1 866-696-6388