Spotlight on geekStarters: Lethbridge High School iGEM Team

Spotlight on geekStarters: Lethbridge High School iGEM Team

Best Communication Awardees at geekStarter’s High School Jamboree on June 10: Lethbridge High School iGEM team – Pictured with them (at left) is judge and mentor Emily Hicks, presenter of the award

Meet the High School iGEM team from Lethbridge, and learn about them and their project from this recent interview they gave us.

  • What is unique about your team? Any memorable moments?

We are an ethnically diverse group of high school students that very much enjoy synthetic biology and have found
a way to try to solve a significant real world problem with syn bio. We have also found success with our
project, performing greatly at the recent high school jamboree!

  • What is your team’s favorite fun activity? What’s something your team does to bond?

We have had a game night with our team, where people brought snacks and we played board games for

  • How does your team use social media?

As of now, our team does not have a social media presence, but that is something that would be great to

  • How would you describe your team’s project in 3 sentences or less?

We will be manufacturing pigments using synthetic biology, to use for our own environmentally-friendly
inks. To do this, we are using genes from many different organisms to create four colours, cyan,
magenta, yellow and black. Our pigments will be created in the bacteria Escherichia coli, therefore being
natural and much less environmentally damaging than current ink products.

  • What has been one highlight of working on your project so far?

Just recently, we won a special award at geekStarter’s High School Jamboree for best communication!

  • What is your team’s biggest challenge?

We need to find a way to market our product as well as entice businesses to invest in our product.

  • What does your team look forward to the most this season?

Everybody will be looking forward to seeing our ideas come to life when we produce our pigments.

  • What do you hope to achieve by the end of this season?

We hope to gain interest from large businesses, and gain knowledge from them. Then, with this
knowledge, we hope to strengthen our project and win in Boston at the iGEM Jamboree!

  • Where would you like to see your project go in the future? What are your team’s dreams for the

There is a possibility that our idea can become a business. We are investigating the viability of this
possibility, and there is a chance that our project can go a long way in the ink industry.