Spotlight on geekStarters: Ted Harrison Middle School

Spotlight on geekStarters: Ted Harrison Middle School

The youngest on our current team roster: Ted Harrison School Team

Want to learn more about the team at Ted Harrison School? Here is what they shared with us recently.

  • What is unique about your team? Any memorable moments?

Our team uses design thinking to develop our idea and it is constantly changing and evolving with the feedback we get from others. A memorable moment was visiting IDEO and seeing how innovative and passionate the people are.

  • What is your team’s favorite fun activity? What’s something your team does to bond?

Arguing, making fun of each other.

  • How does your team use social media?

We use LinkedIn to seek experts that can help inform our project.

  • How would you describe your team’s project in 3 sentences or less?

It is a fusion between traditional and cutting edge technology that can remove pesticides in an environmental and sustainable fashion.

  • What has been one highlight of working on your project so far?

Coming together as a team and valuing everyone’s unique skill set and perspective.

  • What is your team’s biggest challenge?

Communicating with each other, and ensuring that we are still on the same page.

  • What does your team look forward to the most this season?

Testing our biobricks to see if they work the way we think they will.

  • What do you hope to achieve by the end of this season?

To have a working prototype.

  • Where would you like to see your project go in the future? What are your team’s dreams for the future?

Being recognized by an actual company that can compete with other personal water filtration systems.