geekStarter Teams Updates – June 2018

Here are some recent updates from our high-school teams. Read on…

We have had a very exciting month! Here are some highlights.

Lethbridge iGEM HS team celebrate their success in Canmore

Students from Lethbridge HS iGEM team celebrate their success in Canmore

The team is looking forward to a coding workshop in July and getting into the lab to start on their project.

The RSports group was acknowledged at our annual district Celebration of Excellence ceremony with a certificate.
FortMc Certificate
The Tackle Dummy is now in fabrication phase. The students finished the CAD models and are now fabricating with the welder. Motors have been stripped and encoders removed. Currently we are dealing with electrical issues due to the very large current draw on the system as a result of the 300lb robot! Students are working with an electrical engineer to resolve this.

Bear robot is being mounted on drive train

Black bear robot skeleton is being mounted on drive train

On June 15, team mentor Robert Mayall came to our school for a third school workshop. He helped us finish our iGEM safety form, build our wiki, and set up social media accounts for the team. We also started working on a mathematical model. We are excited that our DNA construct has finally arrived and look forward to meeting again with our team mentors in July to introduce the new DNA into bacteria and test it.

THS team members make an agarose gel

Ted Harrison School team members Micah Aragon and Kevin Tea make an agarose gel at the school workshop on June 15

Team member prepares to load the gel

Ted Harrison School team member Khushi Choksi prepares to load the gel

The Ted Harrison design thinking team met with our team mentors Himika Dastidar and Dennis Kim for a school workshop on June 15th. The mentors talked to our team about various ethical issues in medicine, and taught us sterile technique and biosafety procedures when working with bacteria. We also spent time in the lab, running a gel electrophoresis experiment and streaking bacterial cultures onto plates to isolate UV-resistant colonies for our project on melanoma.