Spotlight on geekStarters: Father Mercredi High School Robotics in Fort McMurray

Go RSports! Meet the Robotics Team at Father Patrick Mercredi High School in Fort McMurray
Check out this recent interview with the team, and learn about their plans for this season and beyond.
• What is unique about your team? Any memorable moments?
Our team started as a group of individuals interested in Robotics and Technology. What is notable is that most of our members knew very little about robotics when they started.  What has held us together and motivated our work is our combined interest and desire to learn and embrace the technology. Most memorable for our team have been the connections we have made in our community, the mentorships and partnerships that drive most of our work.
• How would you describe your team’s project in 3 sentences or less?
Our current project is multifaceted but essentially it is to solve problems through the use of robotics and its associated technologies.
• What has been one highlight of working on your project so far?
What has made working on this project a highlight for most of us is the response we have received from the community members we have worked with. The support and encouragement has motivated our team to work even harder to achieve relevance and validity.
 What is your team’s biggest challenge?
We have had no shortage of challenges but the greatest has been gaining the necessary technological knowledge and skills to complete our projects.  Through professional mentorship and research our team has been able to maintain our project momentum.
• What is your team’s favourite fun activity? What’s something your team does to bond?
The team meets regularly but Saturdays are special.  On that day we work on our robotics projects, socialize and most importantly for most of us we eat together 🙂
• What are some ways in which your team connects and collaborates with the wider community?
Our connections with the larger community were formed initially through mentorship. When we started our group several years ago we had 4 professional engineers that mentored us. Our community has changed substantially since the fire and currently we only have one of our mentors still with us.
 What does your team hope to achieve by the end of this season?
By the end of this season we hope to have completed our projects and to strengthen our STEM knowledge and abilities.
 Where would you like to see your project go in the future?
Our current projects have a lot of growth potential and are only limited by the technology we can effectively employ within the project.
• What is one thing your team appreciates about geekStarter?
geekStarter has provided hope.  We started with very lofty goals to design, build and deploy robotic platforms in an effort to solve real life problems.  geekStarter has helped our group realize that our goals are achievable.