Spotlight on geekStarters: Rochelin Dalangin

The photo shows Rochelin Dalangin – mentor and team advisor for UAlberta iGEM team
10 Quick Questions for Rochelin

  1. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Um, probably something along the lines of: “I’m a sugar-loving workaholic that enjoys puzzling over intellectual challenges with like-minded people.”

  1. What do you love the most about your work/school?

I like that while there are routines and standardized workflows for my research, no two days are really the same, and that I know that the products of what we do can be directly used to study the brain further.

  1. What is your best accomplishment so far?

As an undergrad, I’ve gotten into something like a groove or a routine, so when I started grad school, I told myself I’d try to push my comfort zone more, and I think that as a result of what I’ve done, I’ve grown and learned more about myself.

  1. What is something you are working towards right now?

My projects are all based on developing fluorescent protein-based indicators for neurotransmission, so I’m working on a few indicators for different neurotransmitters.

  1. How do you like to spend your downtime?

I enjoy live theatre, and I like travelling. There aren’t too many shows that come to Edmonton, so pretty much all my vacations involve going somewhere that has a show that I really want to see. Otherwise, I tend to hunt around the city looking for good food, or at home, catching up on sleep, reading, and of course, Netflix.

  1. What is something you can’t imagine your life without?

Besides caffeine? Music, most definitely. I’m always connected to my earphones.

  1. What is one thing that people will be surprised to hear about you?

That I’m an introvert.

  1. What is something you are afraid of?

Spicy food.

  1. What would you like your work to be ten years from now?

I’d like to keep doing research. I was a neuroscience major, and I remain highly interested in it (especially with addiction and memory), so I’d like my future work to kind of be a blend of my current research and memory/addiction. I haven’t figured out much beyond that though!

  1. What is one thing you appreciate about geekStarter?

I appreciate that geekStarter goes above and beyond in the level of support that it provides to these initiatives. iGEM, for example, would be a hard thing to get into without much background knowledge, and yet, with geekStarter’s support, we have many teams whose first exposure to molecular bio/synthetic bio is right when they start iGEM.